Publishing and Dinosaurs

Literary artists may wish to note, if it is of any interest, the plaintive honks of a scribe committed to a dying industry. He/she neither seems to be familiar with the current terminology nor how to read statistics.
From BC Bookworld, Summer 2017 edition, page 41:

Hardly anybody would listen, but we did tell you that ebooks were a trumped-up fad, mostly promulgated by self-interested parties, and the format is so obviously inferior to the feel of a printed book that it couldn’t possibly replace real books. According to Publishers Weekly, ebook unit sales from reporting publishers were down 16% in 2016 from 2015. The sky has not fallen.

It is the publishing paradigm that is failing.
“Ebooks” are only a component of the new paradigm, and to isolate one’s analysis to that aspect is to emulate the brontosaurus tribe who were looking up at a falling asteroid and saying, “That’s just a chunk of rock. It can’t do us any harm.”
Like Sears, Eatons, etc., the self-absorbed gatekeepers of a dying business model that are to be found in the remnants of “the publishing industry” seem to have learned skills that serve only to advance their narrow view of the world. Large and lumbering as they are, it remains to the brave adventurers of a different sort to dash around the plodding fossils.
There are a few in that traditional industry who have, in fact, moved on. But why would they mentor their fellow dinosaurs? The small, quick and agile publishers will keep their new knowledge to themselves, allowing the designated scribe-gatekeepers to pompously proclaim that the sky isn’t falling. We know, of course, that the only surviving dinosaurs are now known as “birds” – a radical departure from the lumbering behemoths of the pre-asteroid days.


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