JohnThroughout the 1970s and ’80s, John Rutherford was a small but indefatigable force, pushing from the back rooms of politics and culture. His impish grin and celtic white hair cajoled, guided and demanded that communities of regular folks should have the privilege of good government and access to the best of culture. He organized music festivals, writers groups, new political sensibilities – bringing the joy of life to those who didn’t realize they had been missing out.
In that vein, in his memory, Rutherford Press is born.
We publish for those who appreciate a good read, whether it comes from experience or the creative sparks from one side or the other of the corpus callosum.
We encourage that remarkable new force on this planet – writing. It is the fixing of memory for the ages, stirred with varying parts of wonder, mentoring, weirdness and, ultimately, love of life.
Keep writing!
Please keep reading!