Love and Time

Thoughts on Margot: Love in the Golden Years

How does one celebrate the romance of a lifetime?

To lovers in their latter years, the prospect that one will leave before the other becomes increasingly evident. Yet, no matter how prepared we think we are, the shock and resultant loneliness reach far beyond any expectation.

Seniors become accustomed to caring for one another in ways younger couples seldom dream of. Such intimacy and dependency deepen love far beyond the heart-fluttering romances of younger years.

Despite the annoyances of age such as loss of hearing and the inability to control certain body functions – flatulence, bladder control – we tend to become more forgiving and considerate of the other.

The excitement of sexual activity gives way to back and neck rubs, intimate conversations and the simple joys of being in one another’s company.

We tend to favour the comfort and happiness of our partner, far above our own. Love reaches its full potential.

                                                                                    Ben.  June 29th 2019

Mom and Me


Many years earlier, Kay McCracken’s mother, Marion, had a tough time with her young daughter.

The vice principal, a 6 ft.5 heavy-set, sadistic brute wearing a black suit, came at me with his mean black eyes, wielding a lethal-looking strap. I smelled fear.

He lifted himself up higher to get better leverage, brought the strap down hard, striking my virgin flesh with such violence, and the pain, I’d never felt pain like that and before I could breathe down it came again. Three assaults on each hand. He did his best to do damage, to make a point, to teach me a lesson. To punish me.

Mom didn’t tell Dad, thank God, but that night at the dinner table I had trouble holding my knife and fork with aching, swollen hands.

– from Kay’s new memoir, Beyond the Blue Door: a writer’s journey, available here at Kay’s page