In a Cloud of Sails

Canada’s forgotten Lady of the Sea

The Monte Cristo / Endeavour II sailed the Pacific 48 years ago. She first touched salt water in Burrard Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. The crew were mostly young men from the prairies of Saskatchewan who had helped build this reincarnation of sailing ships from the previous centuries. Their eyes sparkled with thoughts of adventure on the open Pacific, however, the ship’s first year was spent sailing the Salish Sea and down the inside coast as far as Olympia, Washington.

When the Monte Cristo finally broke out onto the Pacific, her inexperienced Captain made it as far as the sailing mecca of San Francisco. There, under the stern stare of real salts, the old Captain was relieved of duty. Most of the farmers/builders/novice seamen left with him. A new Skipper was placed in charge, whether he wanted the responsibility or not.

All of these antics by the crew were of no regard to the ship. She had a mission: it was to sail across the Pacific to Botany Bay, Australia to merge her destiny that of the great Captain Cook’s ship Endeavour! And this she did. Despite obstacles, adventures, mutinies, near disasters – the renamed Endeavour II weathered all storms and hurricanes, to be feted by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on 28 April 1970. Some months later, the Captain and crew would be dealt one shattering blow after another…

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Received the books today…Awesome!

Everyone just loves them – my wife is excited and all her staff as well!

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