John Napier-Hemy

“This is a great read. It is a vivid and engaging depiction of a child and his mother torn from home after home, a child whose parents live a cold war with each other and how their lives all change when John, his sister Elizabeth and his mother move in 1940 from England back to Victoria, BC, to live in Admirals House.” : Louise Doyle

The little boy sees his family’s activities and the world events with such delightful innocence! His story flows so smoothly across the years that you will agree with the last chapter, “Is the War Over Already?” And you can’t miss “Aunt Madge’s History of Victoria”.

286 pages with 18 illustrations.


Growing up in Victoria, BC, in Admirals House, in the 1940s. "Thoroughly engaging!" "A delight to read!" Buy it here for C$23.99 plus shipping to a Canadian address for a total of $29.99