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Kay McCracken is the author of the memoir A Raven in My Heart: Reflections of a Bookseller, a transformative tale about leaving Vancouver to open a bookstore in a rural area of B.C. She also wrote A Spooktacular Halloween, an adventure story for children, published in the fall of 2012.

In 2003, McCracken co-founded Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival, a festival for readers and writers. She continues to write a monthly literary column, and is a member of the Federation of BC Writers, having acted as a board member and regional rep for six years. McCracken loves living in the diverse and friendly community of Salmon Arm in south east British Columbia, aBlue-cover-front beautiful area of the province known as the Shuswap.

Kay’s new book, Beyond the Blue Door: a writer’s journey, is available through Rutherford Press.

It has been well received by appreciative writers:

The story of the author’s journey as a writer rides the pages in tandem with many tales, including the messy beginning of “Word on the Lake”, one of BC’s most established writing festivals. There from its inception, Kay McCracken tells all with candour and humour. Step through the Blue Door and proceed down a pathway strewn with surprises, delivered in a voice dappled with poetic light.

Deanna Barnhardt Kawatski, author of Wilderness Mother, Clara and Me, Stalking the Wild Heart, Burning Man, Slaying Dragon, Samira, the Singing Salmon, and Big Trees Saved. Deanna is also featured on the Literary Map of BC.

It is truly poetic, and deep. Rich in insight.

Alex Forbes, poet, retired English prof (TRU), who has many writing credits to his name.

I have such respect for Kay McCracken’s indomitable spirit and unquenchable creativity. In this, her second memoir, her eloquent and brave insights offer life-changing revelations about anxiety, depression, children of alcoholics, care-giving and reconciling with aging parents, hard-won self-awareness and how one good and tough soul hung on to her dream of writing until she became a prolific and beloved poet, performer, journalist and memoirist. As she says best: ‘Life dishes up enough heartache; I’ll grab joy while I can.’

This writer and this book are an inspiration and comfort.

Caroline Woodward, author of Light Years: Memoir of a Modern Lighthouse Keeper, Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny, Disturbing the Peace, and two children’s books.
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Beyond the Blue Door: a writer’s journey


Comments and Reviews

Frieda: Hi Kay! So looking forward to reading your new book! I enjoyed your first book and your children’s Halloween story, so I know I will love this new one too. It looks great as well…!

Sterling: Congratulations Kay. I look forward to reading your new book. Please let me know how you liked Rutherford Press and George O.

Review by Barb Brouwer in Salmon Arm Observer:
“After the success of her debut book, A Raven in My Heart: Reflections of a Bookseller, Kay McCracken had no plans to write another memoir.
At rock bottom and in ill health after closing Reflections, her beloved Shuswap Street bookstore, at the end of 1998, McCracken says she was alone, frightened and grief-stricken.
Her odyssey to recovery is the fodder for her second memoir Beyond the Blue Door: a writer’s journey.”

Comment by Craig Brunanski: If the new book is anything like Raven, I can’t wait to have it play on my spiritual heart strings.

Comment by Frieda Martin: What a wonderful book! I had high expectations for this sequel to “A Raven in My Heart” and I was not disappointed! On so many levels an inspiring read, as a visual artist I identify so much with the artistic process and psyche and the emotion ups and downs; as a sensitive soul I identify with the over-stimulations and the anxieties. There are so many levels to this book and I could feel the story gaining strength as Kay herself gained strength. Way to go! It was a real honour to be a part of your story.

Comment by Rachel:
Dear Kay,

I finished reading « A Raven in my Heart » this morning. My soul is full of nourishment from its pages. A copy of your book was mailed from Calgary to Sudbury then passed on to me in South Frontenac, north of Kingston Ontario.
It’s uncanny how many connections I made with your words. I am soon to be 47, have been adjusting to per-menopause, left a job in a city I used to love….. and so on.
The summer of 1997, I spent a week WOOFING at Caravan Farm Theatre with my three year old. Most of the books mentioned I have either read or heard about.
All of this to say thank you. It’s so very relevant today.
Sending you heaps of love from the beautiful area where I now reside.


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