Nasreen Pejvack

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A gracefully crafted series of stories that has this premise:

“If I believe my Country is the planet Earth, then my loyalties lie there.  I was born in the Middle-Eastern region, in the large province of Iran, in the city of Tehran.  Throughout much of my adulthood, I have been on the north side of my country in the province of Canada, living in Ottawa and Vancouver.  I have also lived in other provinces of this blue/green country, such as Greece and America, and in each I have learned much from its people and its culture.

“In my childhood I thought that religion meant peace.  I heard and read the representatives of each religion preach kindness and a better life for all.  However, as I matured, I saw that they had lied.  Religions killed many to convert others, or punished their own if they did not obey.  So, my own religion developed into a simple love for humanity, and for this planet as my country, and for all life that accompanies us here.

“This book is my life’s learning and experiences in various parts of this beautiful Paradise, Canada. Let’s work together in making it the best part of this precious planet, our home.”

Look for this important book in January 2018.
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Paradise of the Downcasts



Lozan: Oh wow… just from reading this little bit about your book, I am intrigued and can not wait to get a hand of your new book. I am proud of you and honored to be your friend.

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