Flying With White Eagle


Flying With White Eagle

Ayliffe “Pat” Carey’s experiences – as a homesteader, logger and, his passion, as a bush pilot – provide exceptional insight into pioneer life in the first decades of the twentieth century on Canada’s West Coast.
While logging his homestead island in BC’s Fraser Valley, Pat developed a passion for flying. He would go on to overcome countless barriers and setbacks – broken airplanes, horses that didn’t fit in the cabin, corporate bosses who didn’t care about weather.
Pat speaks, through Ben Nuttall-Smith, matter-of-factly, without drama, about flying between, over (and into) mountains of the vast coastal ranges and the desolate north.
His vivid recall of details takes us with him through his amazing journeys as if were all merely another walk in the woods.

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2 thoughts on “Flying With White Eagle

  1. My Dad flew all over the North with Pat Carey. I would love to buy this book. Can I send you an email transfer or can you direct me to where I can purchase this?
    Sincerest Regards,


    • The author’s email is this would be the best way to get ahold of him, my Great Grandpa was Pat Carey, and have been told lots of good stories about him. Any info you could forward to me about him would be greatly appreciated as well.

      Thanks, Nick


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