Writing Better Stories

This series is being developed to illustrate the Writing workshops that are offered live, either via Zoom or in person.

Graphic Characterizations

The second workshop in this series may be viewed here

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Remembering Workshops generally last two hours:

  • A Rutherford Press author will read a ten-minute passage from his/her book, such as “Flying With White Eagle”;
  • Questions will be taken for a further ten minutes;
  • The audience will be asked to sit in groups of about 4-5, where one person will be designated the note-taker;
  • Contributions will be requested from each person in the group that are relevant to the initial reading;
  • After about 20 minutes of memories, the original author will reconvene the audience as a whole and request that each group provide the best of their own discussions.

For the second hour, the next author will begin the same again.

With the permissions of active participants, contributions made during these workshops will be placed on pages of this website and, again, with permission, may be published as a collection of further work on topics discussed.

Blockchain /DLT

How does Blockchain have anything to do with the literary arts? You will be surprised.

Blockchains are simply ledgers:

  • They list valuable goods
  • Who owns what
  • The provenance (ownership history) of the goods
  • All approved transactions of copyright or licences

All done within an internet-available ledger that is cryptographically secure and can be seen only if you are in possession of a secure private key.

And, in the near future, they will enable you to sell your books to the audience you select.

Further Workshops:

The workshops listed here can be scheduled in your area. Please use the form below to request a date and a quote. Note that available dates are limited so prepare a few options.
Workshop fees are negotiable and will usually include travel and accommodation, where appropriate.

Attendees are given a password to view the copy of the presentation. If you attended a workshop, you will be given a title/link to review the one you were at.


  • Human Resources – a business spends more on its staff but takes little time thinking about how people can be better treated so they will work with you rather just for you.
  • Your Plan – do you know what you want to do? What should you do as a small business or professional in your field? How do these goals and tasks interact? Hands-on workshops that will get you started in a professional manner.
  • The Inconvenient Details – laws, rules, regulations, and conventions; risks and insurance. Effectively planning for these details will smooth the flow of your business.
  • Measuring Your Money – before, during and after. When you know what your money is doing, it will build to your benefit.
  • Software, Hardware and The Internet – making tasks easier; avoiding identity fraud. Hackers want your money – learn how to harden your security shell.
  • Working Lean – how to know what you are really doing; why you are doing it; working better; focusing on improvement, not putting out fires.
  • Customers and Staff Are People – how it used to be done; why we don’t it that way anymore; best practices for better results.
  • Marketing and Promotion – different strokes for different demographic targets.

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