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Quantum Events

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Quantum Events


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Pretending To Be Human
The Universe Is Shrinking
The Land is Life
The Clinker
Is God Dead?
Corporate M & A 
Living in a Pingo
Skytrain Desultory
Do They Walk Among Us?
The Future of the Future
Love Is War
Bus Delivery
Squids and Free Will
Searching For Fate
The Cub
Moebius Slip

Sample – from Love Is War

The crowd is more dense in front of Elena, so she does not notice Billy right away. Her sensors, however, are in high tension so when she does glimpse Billy, Elena rises immediately. Bending back down to speak to Rosey, she has to hold her breasts under cover. Yelling, with a bit of a slur, “I’m going to resupply. Want another one yet?”

Shaking her head, Rosey shows her half-full glass. Elena downs her own drink with a glug and heads for where she last saw Billy.

Meanwhile, Shannon’s defensive antennas are in tune. She has detected the gathered crowd, presumed to be around Elena, and instinctively steers Billy to the far side of the bar area.

Getting the attention of a bartender, she yells, “Two red wines, please. Large glasses.”

As Shannon pays for the drinks, she is dismayed to discover that Elena is already zeroing in on Billy. Elena’s approach takes her, rather aggressively, through the dancers. One of the guys objects to Elena’s drunken bump and turns to yell at her. She bats her eyelashes and deflects his anger with an air kiss and a forward lean. Elena swings unsteadily past the now-smiling dancer to resume her attack.

Meanwhile, Shannon has moved with Billy into a defensive position behind a couch. She places Billy with his back to a large light fixture that blocks the path to the other end of the couch, then pats the top cushion for Billy to sit on. She smiles down to greet the couch’s mostly-oblivious occupants. The wall, a meter and a half behind the couch, is mirrored so it affords good 360 degree visibility.

As Elena comes up to the couch, Shannon ignores her and continues to keep Billy occupied with random yelled questions.

He is being overwhelmed by the mass of datapoints hitting every sensor. All he sees is Shannon’s flapping mouth. Billy falls into a panic attack and pushes past Shannon, through the dancers. He bumps into the previously bumped dancer who yells at him. Billy starts to put his hands up to his ears to shut the world out but receives a quick uppercut from the angry dancer. A nearby dancer, seeing the unfairness of the attack, tries to get between Billy and his attacker. The Good Samaritan has to duck another swing from the now enraged attacker, who believes a group is after him. Meanwhile, Billy is on the floor, crawling away desperately from the developing brawl.

Back at the couch, Shannon takes the opportunity to blindside a distracted Elena, sending her down onto the couch occupiers. Rosey sees the punch and hurries over to her friend, narrowly avoiding the shoving dancers. Getting to a woozy Elena, who is being petted in various parts of her body by the four people she landed on, Rosey starts yelling at Shannon just as the music is turned off. “YOU” music off “BITCH!” Quieter, “You took a swing at her when she wasn’t looking! What’s got into you?”


Author Bio

While traveling on business during his career, George wrote numerous short stories and many filmscripts, including Shroomtown, Hellenic Digits, Hammurabi, L5, World HQ, Where There’s Smoke, and Protocol Omega.

A past president of the Federation of BC Writers, he was awarded their prestigious Honorary Life Membership in 2016.

Current books and projects include his collection of short stories, plays and a poem – Quantum Events; an ambitious novel called The Antichrist of Stanley Park, which takes place in Nunavut and Vancouver; a book by George and Ron M. Craig called In a Cloud of Sails, which follows the remarkable adventures of a square-rigged sailing ship built in North Vancouver in 1968; and The Giants of Cathedral Grove, about a clan of neandertals who, unsuccessfully, tried to hide from the other humans in a remote part of the world.

George founded the publishing company called Rutherford Press. Its first publications were Notes To Mother by Jeff Berry, and Flying With White Eagle by Ben Nuttall-Smith. Also proudly offered are Explore the Alaskan Coast and French Silk on Water, by Patrick Hill, along with further works by Ben Nuttall-Smith titled Crescent Beach Reflections, Mad God of the Toltecs, Discovered In A Scream, and Henry Hamster Esquire.

George offers a series of professionally prepared workshops which have been well received around the province. Check them out here: Workshops

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