The Submission form is at the bottom of this page.

There are over 25,000 people in British Columbia who think of themselves as writers. Are you of a mind to put your manuscript up against all those others? Is your story good?
What means “good”?
To start, properly formatted English (unlike the previous line) is expected.
Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, a story needs to have content that is compelling, original, well-developed, and professionally presented. Everybody has a relative or friend whose adventures could make a great yarn. A writer has to go well beyond that.
By the time it drops on a publisher’s (virtual) desk, it must have been edited by one or more people who either are certified as Editors, or, at the very least, will be soon.
Why do publishers have all these conditions? Because you have over 25,000 competitors in BC alone!
So, thank you for your interest in offering your story to Rutherford Press.
We really do want to publish good stuff. If you are still in the mood to offer your manuscript for our consideration, please follow these guidelines.


Step 1

Send a one-page note (using the form below) that starts with your best sentence that describes the story.

Then, give us a short synopsis (you get points for brevity – if you can’t keep this to three short paragraphs you have to revisit your story-line).

Finish by saying (briefly!) who you are as a writer. Use the form below to contact us.

If Step 1 is poorly done, or too long, our reviewers will not likely have time to answer.

Should you be invited to Step 2, we will be looking for one or two chapters that exemplify your ability to provide content that is compelling, original, etc.

No attachments! Do not send full manuscripts! Leave that for Step 3.
Periodically, our reviewers get bug-eyed with the number of submissions. If they begin to bounce off the walls, we will have to state here, “No submissions can be accepted until further notice.”

More Guidelines

You must be the original author and copyright holder of the work. It must not have been published elsewhere. Anywhere.
Once the manuscript has been accepted, we do not offer advances. Our royalty payments are determined by the distribution channel and this will be the subject of the agreement we reach. Suffice it to say that we want you to keep writing and publishing through Rutherford Press.
Should we get to Step 3, manuscripts must be plain in formatting, double-spaced, and use a common, readable font. Where you may have need for special issues in the book design, that is for a later discussion.
Please send only one request at a time. Once we reply, positively or otherwise, you are invited to send another one.

Thank you for considering Rutherford Press. We hope your work is of the caliber to get published and sell well!
By submitting, you affirm that you hold sole copyright to the work and you have read and agree with the “Terms and Conditions”.
Please use this form to make your submission:


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