OUT THERE, a mystery in a metal donut.

The L5 Project is a space colony built in the shape of a torus. Eight thousand committed “L5ers” are working to save a piece of humanity while the home planet is slowly crumbling about the ears of oligarchs, bureaucrats and the rest of us.

But then there is the matter of Juergen’s body, lying in L5’s orchard, surrounded by “friggen puddles of pure friggen water”.

To find out what happened, the keeper of L5’s ports, known as the Gates To Hades, must travel down to Earth. Charon meets Juergen’s family, and thugs in the Moscow airport where he is saved by a Ukrainian oceanography named Darinka.

This novel will be available later in the year. If you wish to pre-order a signed copy for the low introductory price of $24, please do so here:

Out There

A mystery in a metal donut



The Rawness of Time

Ben’s poems about Martinique are combined hauntingly with his recollections of his enigmatic mother. Fascinating, revealing, surprising!

Available now – order right here:

The Rawness of Time


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Ben Nuttall-Smith

Dr. Michael Catchpole

Annick Lemay

Jeff Berry

George Opacic

John Napier-Hemy

Patrick Hill


Background picture by Ben Nuttall-Smith: Birches

How to start writing

The simple components of writing are listed in this video: https://youtu.be/awqv0EUW6A8


Our first audiobook, On this Page, will soon be joined by others. Please check back regularly.

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