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Thank you humbly to those who have wished me well during my recent medical issue. I am happy to say that I am back online for September, ready to help publish your manuscripts!

Please support our west coast authors, whose unique perspective on the world deserves to be read.

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Early-bird Special!

The long-awaited In a Cloud of Sails will be available in July. Including a large number of original, colour pictures, this is the definitive sailing experience!

Read about the visage of Captain Cook high up on the main royal, shaking his head at the antics of modern seamen as they build a three-masted barque in the shadow of North Vancouver’s Second Narrows Crossing, then sail the ship down the coast and over to Tahiti, past New Zealand to Botany Bay. There, the renamed Endeavour II is the feature ship during Australia’s 1970 Bicentenary celebrations, viewed by Queen Elizabeth II and dignitaries from around the world.

And through all of that, they were simple people, fighting amongst themselves, battling the Pacific Ocean, holding together what turned out to be a rather compromised design.

To order a signed copy at the special early-bird rate, use the PayPal button (also accepts credit cards). Your personal copy will be mailed the instant it is available for the low price of $16.35 CDN, plus shipping of $3.90.


Uniquely west coast reads:

Notes To Mother

Humorous true short stories of adventures from around the world, kept from mother for her own good. Put yourself in sandals of an original “survivor” on a remote Tahitian island, undersea in a brass hat searching for Admiral Nakhimhov’s treasure, hand-feeding tigers in Papeete. Take a tour down the 20th century through a journalist’s eyes, …

Flying With White Eagle

Flying With White Eagle Ayliffe “Pat” Carey’s experiences – as a homesteader, logger and, his passion, as a bush pilot – provide exceptional insight into pioneer life in the first decades of the twentieth century on Canada’s West Coast. While logging his homestead island in BC’s Fraser Valley, Pat developed a passion for flying. He …

Explore the Alaskan Coast

Explore the Alaskan Coast As cruise ships sail in comfort past Alaskan glaciers, passengers can imagine themselves down in a sail boat, bobbing amongst the growlers: Smell the biting cold air as you drift under towering blue ice and ancient cliffs. Historical references place the Alaskan scenery in the context of then and now. This …

Crescent Beach Reflections

Crescent Beach Reflections Using a selection of his most evocative poems and paintings, Ben Nuttall-Smith paints a lovely series of expressive scenes from the places he has been, and which your heart will recognize. “Ben Nuttall-Smith demonstrates the simple truths of poetic observation and the pass of time. Working with traditional form in language that …

Discovered in a Scream

What is your breaking point? Perhaps it is not a point for you. Do you bend under adversity, then slowly bend again, then again? Until the world appears upside-down? Ben found his mind so contorted by what others did to him that he was not certain of reality. It took the simple nature of a …

Mad God of the Toltecs

Did the Feathered Serpent, Quétzalcoatl, fly back to enact his revenge, or did Vikings deliver him to The Place Where Men Become Gods? How did Vikings and an Irish Monk make it to Mexico? A fascinating read! Buy it here: “Mad God of the Toltecs”

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