Why Are Sentences So Complex?

Oral versus written communication – which is better at conveying your thoughts?

This article has numerous, fascinating answers. Reading through to a few of them will expand a writer’s understanding of conversational writing.

The moral of the story is that Reading Is Good For You:



“More people now read—because they have to—but many probably still consume the vast bulk of their linguistic diet in spoken form and may have little patience for writing that is mentally taxing and reeks of snobbery. The need to make text accessible to a broader population, with a wide range of linguistic experiences, has created some pressure to bring the structures of written English more in line with spoken English.

“Still, the English language represents not a single ecosystem, but many. A bird’s eye view of the overall trajectory of English would miss some of the most dramatic changes occurring within its particular linguistic niches. That brings to the fore another key reason why language might gravitate toward streamlined syntax: the nature of the communities that use it.”

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